The double E factor: Environment Vs Economics
Since the dawn of industrialization, the world today has seen an explosive growth in a variety of industries. From heavy mining and smelting industries too high-end Research facilities. This has lead to a booming economy. However, with that said hazardous or toxic waste growth coupled with poor management system and disposal methods had become or in some parts still remain a threat to the environment of countries and their people.

Malaysia has taken up an exemplary role. With aims of becoming a leading industrialized nation by 2020, Malaysia Department of Environment (D.O.E) tracks and ensures economic and industrial growth is matched with the environment in mind.

JTS Environmental Concerns:
JTS for the past 17 years of operations has closely worked with D.O.E and our customers. Constantly keeping updated with D.O.E regulations for Schedule waste treatment and educating ourselves on new pollution control measures and systems.

All licenses are up to date and we take pride as being not only a recycling firm which aims to reduce reliance on mining but understanding that it is our corporate responsibility to ensure we ourselves do not become a treat to the environment.

No expense is spared in terms of our pollution control. Having located in a Heavy Industry area, it ensures us that nearby civilian areas would never be affected by our business.

In our line, Dross recycling leads to major Aluminium Oxide dust production. Therefore with Dust as our main enemy, we have installed 4 state of the art Cyclones and Dust collector systems throughout the plant.

All our Dust (Schedule Waste 501) collected In 1 Ton Bags are labelled and Dated before being sent to Kualiti Alam for Land Fill As directed by D.O.E.


At JTS nothing is stagnant. We constantly result to research to upgrade our plant process to reduce waste produced and also research on our waste itself to find new industrial uses for it. i.e cement making.

This is again to help the environment, as we understand landfill itself is not a proper end solution and should only be used as a last resort.
Cyclone & Dust Collector