Identifying Hazardous Waste
With Environmental concerns rising globally, the BASEL convention was set up and its primary aim was preventing hazardous waste from being illegally dumped across borders. Especially from OECD to Non-OCED countries. This then helped ensure developing nations were not bullied, having their environments destroyed and people exposed to toxic waste.

The BASEL conventions therefore lead to the rise of proper recycling systems, better regulations and less exploitation of raw material.

Malaysia on its part on a national level has set up stringent mechanisms to identify and classify waste into different categories namely non-hazardous waste or hazardous waste also known as schedule waste.
Treatment of such wastes is done in an approved facility after an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is conducted on the site and the process.

As Aluminium dross is classified as hazardous or schedule waste (SW104), We 17 years ago, concluded our EIA becoming Malaysia’s first approved Aluminium Dross recycling facility. Working towards a close loop recycling process.

Ever since the realization of Environment impact by industrial waste and possible media damage or bad branding, We are dedicated to ensuring that your environmental liabilities are covered at all times.

We are armed with licenses for all our processes, transportation of waste and license for collecting Aluminium Dross.

As for traceability, we always provide documentations in form of Consignment Notes ensuring once waste has left your premises JTS TAKES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR WASTE!

AT JTS we value our customers needs and strive to provide highest quality standards for their waste treatment. When carrying out tolling services a total recovery report and an analysis report detailing (break down of waste recovery) and (ingot purity) respectively is provided for our customers.

This helps customers keep track and maintains with them complete transparency of how we have handled their waste. This hence provides a sense of security and assurance.
Recovery Report & Consingment Notes